We are a downtown churchGathering in an inspiring century-old sanctuary, we worship with styles that are lively, energetic, and relevant to people’s real needs. 

We seek to understand and apply the teachings of God’s Word, because we believe the careful study of the Bible can transform lives.

We are a diverse congregation in our theological and political views, but we are united by a common purpose: to grow together into all that God calls and equips us to be.

We strive to be a safe place where the stranger can find welcome, the wounded can find care, the skeptic can ask questions, the lost can seek God’s way, and the oppressed can find a voice.

We are a forward reaching churchwilling to adopt fresh ministry styles that address modern-day needs.

We are a multi-generational church, enriched by strong and growing numbers across the age span.

We are a university church, with a vital ministry to two college campuses.

We are a socially active church which prays for peace in the world, justice for the oppressed, and relief for those in need and works toward making these ideals a reality.

We seek to encourage and cultivate God’s gifts in every person, regardless of background, gender, culture, or status.
Our mission is to glorify Jesus Christ by being instruments of
God’s healing, reconciling, life-giving presence in the world.