The First Presbyterian Church of San Luis Obispo, CA was founded on May 13, 1875 with eleven charter members. The person primarily responsible in this undertaking was County Judge McDowell Reid Venable. He was elected by the new members as the first (and only) ruling elder. He served as the clerk of the Session until his death in 1907.
During the first five years property was purchased at the corner of Marsh and Morro streets
and a small, plain church building was erected. In 1884 it was replaced by a fine redwood church seating 200 and having stained glass windows and a bell tower. In 1904 this building
was moved to the lot next door and it was used by our congregation and the community for
over two more decades. The present sanctuary was then built on the corner using granite quarried from Bishop Peak in northwestern San Luis Obispo. It was completed on December 4, 1905. The Educational Unit (which we know today as the Hart Building) was constructed and dedicated in February 1929. A local newspaper noted that it was the first building, other than a church, to be devoted exclusively to religious education in San Luis Obispo. The A.G. Wilson
Fellowship Hall was built in 1987. It has been the center of our church fellowship activities and
it is also used for many community events.
Today, while not forgetting traditions rooted in our history, we strive to be actively involved in our local community as well as our global communities. Loving God with all our hearts, souls, mind and strength, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Always the “Rock of Faith” on the corner of Marsh and Morro-San Luis Obispo, CA. Please join us- all are welcome!