The Budget & Finance Committee is responsible for and has oversight and direction of all church corporate and financial matters, including the Annual Stewardship Campaign, Endowment Fund operations, and any Capital Campaigns.
The committee is also responsible for the coordination and
encouragement of the time, talent, and financial involvement of members.

Create a Lasting Legacy with a gift to the Endowment Fund

A: Put simply, the Endowment Fund is a “pool” of money received by the church from members in the form of bequests, memorials, trusts, assignments of life insurance, transfers of property (eg: cash, stocks, bonds, and real estate) and other gifts.  The total amount (or principal) of these gifts is carefully invested with the Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation.  Most years, a predetermined percentage of the Fund’s value is withdrawn.  The money we pull out is made available for various needs of our church or the operating budget and regular expenses.  In 2016, 3.5% or $17,240 and for 2017, 4.0% or $20,153 has been distributed from the ENDOWMENT FUND for the benefit of various Church programs, in accordance with the purposes of the original gifts.

If you’d like to consider the gift of any type, please talk with a member of our church’s Endowment Committee: John Eichler, Jerry Kaml, Jane Maxwell, Diane Shervem, Bert Townsend, Dorothy Truesdale, Roger Verity, & Virginia Walter. Even a modest gift will make a difference.